Yorkies Kick Butt in Gym Class

Gr. 9's Learn Self-Defence with Elements Martial Arts
Yorkies kick butt in gym class. Click for more photos.

Grade 9s in Ms. Allester’s gym class participated in a self-defence workshop with Elements Martial Arts Academy.

The girls learned hands-on, practical skills from instructors Emma and Mysha, including kick-boxing and self-defence techniques. The focus is on skill rather than strength. In the end, the girls took home some good tips, gained some confidence, and had fun while doing it! (more photos here).


Gr. 10s Learn the Recipe for Healthy Eating

Nutritionist Lynne Sawchuck with Gr. 10sNutritionist Lynne Sawchuck with Gr. 10s
Nutritionist Lynne Sawchuck with Gr. 10s

P.E. Teacher Tinker Allester takes a holistic approach to health – it’s not just about exercise! To demonstrate this, she includes a Women’s Wellness unit as part of the Grade 10 P.E. program.

On Wed. December 5th, she invited Lynne Sawchuk, a Registered Dietician and Nutrition Educator from BC Dairy, to talk about healthy eating.

Making Feta & White Bean Hummus
Making Feta & White Bean Hummus

The focus was on healthy lunches, so the girls got their hands dirty to make a delicious and nutritious Feta & White Bean Hummus (a twist on the traditional recipe). Get the recipe here.

Lynne says, “get students ‘cooking’ with real food and you’ll be amazed at what happens!” (see her blog post here).

Here’s what else is planned for the Women’s Wellness unit:

  • Crisis Centre: “Reaching Out” (suicide prevention) and “Working Your Mind Muscle” (stress reduction workshop).
  • Youth Co.: a company run by youth in BC for youth with HIV.
  • Yoga Class
  • Relaxation Class