Pink Shirt Day

Grade 6 and 7 SOGI Club students hosted an assembly this past to remind us why we wear pink shirts on Pink Shirt Day. They spoke about what bullying is and how we can all be “upstanders” instead of “bystanders” when we see someone being bullied. This year’s Pink Shirt Day theme was “lift each other up.” As part of our ongoing movement to support kindness, acceptance, and inclusivity, students and staff proudly wore pink shirts. Students in all grades participated in various activities to discuss the importance of taking a stand against bullying. 

Lifting Each Other Up: Pink Week 2022

This year the Senior School embraced Pink Week initiatives focusing on the Pink Shirt Day theme ‘Lift Each Other Up’! For the week of February 21st, Teacher Advisor Groups (TAG) in the Senior School engaged in daily conversations about anti-bullying, allyship, kindness, and connection to our school values of Integrity, Empathy, Responsibility, Respect, and Courage. On February 23rd, National Pink Shirt Day, senior and junior students came together in classrooms, on the field, and in the playground to participate in small group activities. The sun was shining that day and you could feel a strong sense of community.

Heartfelt thanks to our Head Student Sophie, Class of ‘22, and Ms. Beck, one of our amazing counsellors, who oversaw the week and its initiatives. Thank you also to our Grade 8-11 Class Presidents for their leadership – Fiona & Cameron (Grade 8), Sophie & Ruby (Grade 9), Jessica D & Jessica H (Grade 10), Lauren & Julia (Grade 11) – and Mrs. Murray, our Class President Teacher Sponsor. Many thanks as well to all of our Senior School Teacher Advisory Group (TAG) and Junior School Homeroom teachers who supported our students in these sessions, and to all of our students for their participation!

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