Tower Gardens Grow Learning Opportunities

Two years ago, the senior Science Department advocated for the purchase of a number of tower gardens—sustainable, vertical, aeroponic growing systems, which are able to grow various herbs, fruits, and flowers in less than three square feet. 

Retired science teacher, Dennise Dombroski first suggested the tower gardens as a hands-on way for students to increase their awareness about plant life and incorporate sustainability practices into their biology studies. 

Support through our Annual Giving appeal ensured funding for two tower gardens that were installed in the Senior School Science Department last fall. In addition, the tower gardens have been used in other areas of the school curriculum including a recent Grade 6/7 ADST (Applied Design Skills & Technology) project.    

Thanks to your commitment to York House and generosity in donating to our Annual Giving campaign, these innovative educational resources are available to elevate our students’  learning and understanding of the world around them.

Gr. 6 Science Fair

Proud Grade 6 students displayed their projects at the Science Fair on Monday, June 4. These projects are a result of many weeks of hard work. The girls started off thinking about a question they would like to investigate. After writing a research proposal, it was the experimentation phase of the project. Weeks later, after analyzing and writing up the results, and creating their display posters, they were ready to share their discoveries with their peers, teachers and parents.