Spirit Week: Dress the Teacher

Spirit Week is in full swing at the Senior School. Yesterday (Monday), we donned our 60s accessories and played a rousing game of “Dress-the-Teacher” on the field at lunch. Check out the photos:

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Spirit Week in the Senior School

The week before Spring Break, the Senior School amps up their ‘school spirit’ with a week filled with activities organized by the House Captains. The girls did a great job this year!

Water Relay. Click for more photos from Spirit Week.
Water Relay. Click to view more photos from Spirit Week.

Monday: Civvies Day in support of WaterCan, a Canadian charity that is dedicated to fighting global poverty by providing access to clean water and sanitation for all. The weather was also perfect for a water relay on the field. This involved teams from each house carry a large tub of water around obstacles on the field.

Tuesday: House Breakfast and Pyjama Day, and dodgeball at lunch. Yorkies and teachers got in the spirit wearing their most comfy PJs…there were lots of onesies!

House Breakfast & Pyjama Day.
House Breakfast & Pyjama Day. Click for more photos from Spirit Week.

Wednesday: Cupcake eating contest at lunch, featuring a teachers round.

Cupcake Eating Contest.
Cupcake Eating Contest. Click for more photos from Spirit Week.

Thursday: “Mathletes”. There were math equations hidden around the school. Solve an equation and win a prize.

Friday: “Prom”. Friday wrapped up with Skits & Airbands.

See more Spirit Week photos here.

Have a great break everyone!

Water Relay: