Yorkies at the 2010 BC Summer Games

Danielle, Gr. 10, BC Summer Games medal winner
Danielle, Gr. 10, BC Summer Games medal winner

Here’s a bit of late recognition for two Yorkies that participated in the 2010 BC Summer Games in Langley this past summer.

Danielle, Gr.10 (pictured right), won two gold medals and one silver in swimming, and Fiona, Grade 7, scored a bronze in soccer.

Athletes who participate in the Games are amongst the best in the province in their respective age categories and sports. It highly likely that some of these athletes will eventually participate in the Canada Games or even international events.

Congratulations girls!


The girls kicked off the school year with the house event Sports-a-Rama. Students and staff get in the spirit and get dressed up in their house colours (yes, we give prizes for best costume!) and take part in relay games including Dress-the-Teacher, Tug-of-War and a water balloon toss.

Each YHS student and staff member is a member of one of four houses named after First Nations tribes: Iroquois (red), Algonquin (blue), Nootka (green) and Huron (yellow).