Grade 5 Parisian Café

On February 28th, a nice smell started to come all the way up to the Junior School. What was that? It came from Mira’s kitchen where Mme Céline was baking croissants. It was time for the “Café-Théâtre”, the famous Grade 5 French show that every family looks forward to!

The Grade 5 parents were invited to join their daughters in the Bentley Room, which was turned into a Parisian café with lovely accordion music playing in the background to set the mood. A team of waitresses were ready to serve food and drinks en français before the parents enjoyed watching a play in French called “Un frère pénible” (an annoying brother). It was so much fun for the girls to serve their parents and to see everyone socializing with a bit of French in the air! The girls then surprised their parents by singing “L’oiseau et l’enfant”, an award-winning song about how wonderful the world is. The singing was beautiful and the parents loved it. What a great show! It can’t get better than this beautiful performance. Well… it did! The girls had made a funny Kahoot quiz to test their parents’ French. Kahoot is an interactive and competitive quiz that we use in class for learning. You should have seen the families competing against each other and getting hooked on this game!

Thank you for all the Grade 5 students for making this show so memorable. Hard work always pays off.

Mme Céline

Gr. 5 and 6 at Kids’ Lit Quiz

Three teams of Grade 5 and 6 students competed at the Kids’ Lit Quiz provincial tournament on November 29th. Over the course of three hours, teams were asked to answer 100 questions on children’s literature from different genres and time periods. Our York House girls brought great enthusiasm and competitiveness to this annual ‘sport of reading’ competition. They impressed everyone with their knowledge of literature, passion for reading, and teamwork!

Karen Webb
Jr. Learning Commons Teacher

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