Grade 5 French Café

Always wanted to go to a nice Parisian coffee shop and have a bite of a crunchy French butter croissant? This dream came true for the Grade 5 parents. They were invited to their daughters’ French show, called “Le Café-Théâtre des 5e”. It was a mix of a bistro-like café with a play performance in French by both 5H and 5Y.

To begin, parents were seated and served by our “French waitresses”, wearing matching berets and aprons. Our waitresses took orders in both English and French. We had coffee, tea, and croissants for everyone. During this social time, the Grade 5 girls shared their latest work with their parents, a storybook that they had written in French. It was fun to watch the girls present their very first French books to parents and explain to them what it was about and how they made their book using the Book Creator app.

Next, there was some entertainment. The girls performed a play for their parents. The plays were great! Our Grade 5 actresses portrayed Raoul, the “annoying brother” (le Frère Pénible) very well. Poor Aïsha…it’s not easy to deal with a such annoying brother! After the performance, the Grade 5s introduced a live and interactive quiz to test their parents’ French. Our “So You Think You Can Speak French” quiz was a huge success! It was hilarious to see parents compete and answer the questions their daughters had selected for them. Bravo les filles! Your shows were amazing. Parents and students alike had a great time socializing and speaking French to one another.

Céline Foucher
Junior School French Teacher

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Gr. 5 Accessibility Expo

This fall, the Grade 5s have been engaged in an exploration on accessibility, barriers, challenges, and disability. Students have learned about what life might be like to use a wheelchair and using Design Thinking Framework, they designed assistive technologies to make an aspect of York House more accessible. Rory Dougall from BCIT’s REDLab, a rehabilitation engineering design lab, came into work with the girls on their prototypes. The girls shared their prototypes and talked about the process during an expo held on Monday, December 11.

This project started months ago, when Grade 5 teachers, Melissa Kanavos and Erin Reindl, our STEAM Coordinator in the Junior School, Jennifer Sharpe, and Science Teacher, Lela Ling, began to develop a truly cross-curricular unit on accessibility. They designed the unit to incorporate curriculum from Science (simple machines), Language Arts (paragraph writing), and Social Studies (citizenship) as well as create an opportunity to deepen the understanding of our YHS value of empathy.

Read more on this Grade 5 STEAM project here.


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