Grade 3 and 4 African Drumming Workshop

Grades 3 and 4 participated in a high-energy African drumming workshop with visiting musician Fana Soro. Fana is an internationally-acclaimed musician from the Ivory Coast. He taught the girls the “djembe”, West Africa’s most popular drum.

Part of the French program is to learn about French-speaking countries around the world. This workshop allowed the girls to use French to communicate with someone from another country while learning how to play the “djembe”. Fana also shared his call and response songs in his mother tongue of Senoufo.

It was fun interacting with Fana in French, and to laugh with him while discovering his culture. Merci Fana!

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Career & Life Connections Parent Speaker Panel

On February 4, 2019, York House School held its second Parent Speaker Series panel, developed around the theme of ‘Innovative Careers and Career Pathways’. This initiative was developed as part of our new Career & Life Connections program (CLC) at the Senior School.  

One of the goals of this year’s Career & Life Connections Parent Speaker Series is to connect our girls even more with the broad range of wonderful mentors we have within our community. Education and the world of work is changing, in part due to the rapid advancement of technology and its impact. As such, this year’s series invites students to learn about careers and career pathways they might not usually consider or even know about, under the theme of innovation.

Thank you to the following YHS parents for speaking to senior students about your innovative careers and career pathways:

  • Emily Ohler, BC Human Rights Tribunal
  • Robin Jones, Chief Marketing Officer, Payfirma
  • Danielle Wilmore, Owner/Designer, Pyrrha Jewelry
  • Rian Gauvreau, COO & Founder, Clio