Yorkies Studying Medicine Abroad

This past Wednesday at lunchtime, a group of students, parents, and alumnae came together virtually to learn more about studying medicine in the UK and in particular, the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. Pamela Forbes, Admission Officer and her colleague, Sarah Mills from St. Andrews gave an overview of the admissions process and the steps necessary to apply and be successful and they also gave insight on the process of returning back to Canada following graduation. 

Alumna Ciara Pletcher, Class of 2018, spoke of her three years at St. Andrews and how she is now continuing her medical studies at the University of Edinburgh. Ciara was joined by her mother, Beverly Ellingson, Class of 1982, who reflected on Ciara’s decision to go to Scotland. Alix Lammie, Class of 2011 who is a graduate entry medical student studying at University College Dublin, provided insight into the Irish student experience. Esther Goh, Class of 2015 who studied medicine at the University of Bristol, spoke of her experience as a doctor and the world of learning opportunities available to her there as a doctor. 

During the Q+A portion, students and parents were given the opportunity to ask questions about the admissions process, the hurdles with matching back to Canada as a resident doctor, the CaRMS process and life as an international student abroad. 

Thank you to our participants for sharing their experiences and providing valuable information to our community.