2019-20: A Banner Year for YHS Athletics

The most successful athletics season in YHS history came to an unexpected and abrupt stop in March. Unfortunately, many athletes were unable to participate in a busy spring sports season which typically includes track & field, ultimate, badminton, soccer, and tennis.

We were also unable to hold our annual Athletics Awards BBQ. However, together with our athletic heads, we are happy to share with you our 2019-20 Athletics award recipients. Congratulations to all Tigers! A special thank you and congratulations to our graduating seniors who have contributed to our programs for years and helped achieve some incredible results this season.

Looking back at the fall and winter season, the 2019-20 season will be remembered as perhaps the most successful in school history. Below are just some of the top highlights from a very busy six months of sports.

  • Senior Volleyball Team: Western Canadian Independent School Champions
  • Varsity Field Hockey Team placed 3rd at Vancouver Sea to Sky Zones
  • Senior Volleyball Team: Vancouver Sea to Sky Zone Champions
  • Swim Team: ISA Champions
  • Grade 8 Volleyball Team: ISA Champions
  • Swim Team: Vancouver Sea to Sky Zone Champions
  • Grade 8 Volleyball Team: LMISSAA League Champions
  • Varsity Field Hockey placed 3rd: at AA BC Championships, tying a YHS best ever placement at BCs.
  • Cross-Country Team competed at BCs
  • Junior Volleyball Team: placed 2nd in LMISSAA League after an epic battle with Notre Dame in the final game.
  • Grade 9 Volleyball Team: BC Champions
  • Swim Team: AA BC Champions
  • Senior Volleyball Team: AA BC Champions for the first time ever in YHS history.
  • Senior Basketball Team: ISA Champions
  • Ski Team dominated every league meet
  • Senior Basketball Team returned to the AA BCs for the first time since 2014 after placing 2nd at Vancouver Sea to Sky Zone Championships.
  • Senior Basketball Team placed 3rd, winning bronze at AA BC Championships
  • Ski Team placed 3rd, winning bronze at BC Championships
  • Table Tennis Team won BC Championships
  • These successes all coincide with a return of ample Tigers athletics gear so that our teams and athletes look good, high levels of participation in many sports including YHS fielding record numbers in field hockey.

A special thank you to all our athletes, coaches, parents, fans, and staff that support our student-athletes and teams during the school year. Thank you to our 2019-20 Athletic Heads, Jacqueline, Maddie, Emily, Claudia, Nadeen, and Tash for all their work and spirit this past year.

2019-20 Athletic Award Winners

Tigers Outstanding Performance Award
This award does not need to be presented if there is not a deserving winner.
Criteria: For an outstanding single performance by an athlete or team at a highly competitive, championship-level event (individual student-athlete or team Grade 8-10).
Winner: Senior Volleyball Team final game-winning AA BC Championship

Grade Athlete of the Year Award
Criteria: One per grade. For outstanding participation in, achievement, and an overall commitment to athletics (emphasis on participation).

  • Grade 8: Maddie
  • Grade 9: Jordan and Tera
  • Grade 10: Kasey and Laura
  • Grade 11: Nadeen
  • Grade 12: Natalie

Junior Athlete of the Year (one top athlete selected from Grades 8-10)
Criteria: For outstanding achievement, participation in, and commitment to athletics (Grade 8-10). Emphasis on achievement.
Winner: Finny

Senior Athlete of the Year (one top athlete selected from Grades 11-12)
Criteria: For outstanding achievement, participation in, and commitment to athletics (Grade 11-12). Emphasis on achievement.
Winner: Akash

Becky Willis Award (one top candidate selected from Grades 8-12, we typically look to Grade 12s first).
Criteria: For demonstrating outstanding commitment, leadership, spirit, sportsmanship, and a high level of participation in York House Athletics.
Winner: Jacqueline

Most Valuable Teammate Award
Criteria: in the opinion of their coach(es) demonstrates the character, leadership, and skills that contribute to team success that qualifies them as the most valuable teammate. You may consider this as an MVP award but often a team may have an individual who is not the most skilled player, the “all-star” or top point scorer but whose leadership and character, combined with their ability is the most valuable individual to the team (one per team).

Grade 8 Volleyball Team:
Avery and MacKenzie

Junior Volleyball Team:

Senior Volleyball Team:

Swim Team:

Cross-Country Team:

Junior Field Hockey:

Senior Field Hockey:

Varsity Field Hockey:

Grade  Basketball Team:

Junior Basketball Team:

SeniorBasketball Team:

Ski Team:

Snowboard Team:

Table Tennis:

Senior Tigers Update: December 5, 2019

For the first time in York House history, our Tigers Senior Volleyball Team has won the ‘AA’ Provincial Championship! Congratulations to our Senior Tigers: Akash, Maggie, Natalie, Emily, Sophie, Claire, Claudia, Tahlia, Chloe, Maddie, Nolie, Taylor, and to coaches Kelvin Ma and Nicole Morton ‘14.

Over the past twenty years, volleyball has arguably been the most popular sport at YHS. Province wide girls volleyball has the highest rate of participation. Winning a provincial championship in volleyball is one of the hardest challenges that face YHS teams. Tigers came close in the fall of 2001, again in the fall of 2014 and last season, 2019, when YHS lost to Pacific Academy in the championship final.

This season was remarkable with a second-place finish in league play, a WCISVC championship, second-place finish at ISAs, and a Vancouver Sea to Sky Zone championship. There were just enough tough losses to keep this team focused on getting better and keeping their eyes on the ultimate prize in BC high school sport—the blue championship banner.

York House entered the BCs as the 4th seed in the field of 20 teams. After round-robin play, YHS defeated West Point Grey Academy to move into the top 8. In the quarter-final, YHS defeated the 3rd-seeded Vancouver Island Zone Champions, Pacific Christian from Victoria. In the semi-final, the Tigers beat the Okanagan Zone Champions and 2nd seeds George Elliott Secondary. The final was a rematch of last year’s championship game. YHS and the #1-seeded South Fraser Zone Champions Pacific Academy battled through five tough sets and YHS came out on top 15-12. The level of volleyball in this final was remarkable. Both teams were playing at college level calibre and the crowd of 300 plus fans enjoyed every minute.

Sophie, Gr. 11, and Chloe, Gr. 10, were named Tournament All-stars. Maggie, Gr. 12, was named Best Libero and Akash, Gr. 12, was named Tournament Most Valuable Player. Winning the school’s first championship is a monumental accomplishment. These girls leave a new legacy of excellence and confidence for future teams.

Many people were involved in this championship. YHS Junior School coaches along with Mr. Jackson, Ms. Dalziel, Mr. Bester, Ms. Flo Chan, Ms. Brianne Wager, Mr. Jackson Liu, Mr. Noble Kelly, and Mr. Mike Lodewyks all played a key role in the development of these girls. This season, the girls, along with coaches Nicole and Kelvin have taken YHS volleyball to a new level of success. With strong players in Grade 8-11 and a fall season that saw our YHS Grade 8 Team, Grade 9 Team, and Junior Team all achieve success, the future is bright.

If you have been unable to keep track of the incredible success of YHS Athletics this fall season, you are not the only one. My head is still spinning. As we close the book on the fall athletics season, there is much to be proud of. Many great efforts and battles won and lost. Many challenges embraced and many lessons learned. However, if we take a look at the final results, no season in the history of YHS athletics has ever been this successful. Having been Athletics Director since 1997 and knowing the history of the school, I can say this with both confidence and with respect for all those who came before.

  • Senior Volleyball ‘AA’ Provincial Champions*
  • Senior Volleyball Vancouver Sea to Sky Zone Champions*
  • Senior Volleyball WCISVC Champions**
  • Senior Volleyball 2nd in ISA Championships
  • Senior Volleyball 2nd in LMISSAA league
  • Junior Volleyball 2nd in LMISSAA league
  • Junior  Volleyball 2nd in ISA Championships
  • Grade 9 Volleyball Provincial Champions*
  • Grade 8 Volleyball ISA Champions**
  • Grade 8 Volleyball LMISSAA Champions*
  • Swim Team ‘AA’ Provincial Champions**
  • Swim Team Vancouver Sea to Sky Zone Champions*
  • Swim Team ISA Champions**
  • Varsity Field Hockey 3rd in Vancouver Sea to Sky Zone*
  • Varsity Field Hockey bronze medals at ‘AA” BC Championships**
  • Senior Field Hockey Team LMISSAA Senior Division Champions**
  • Cross-Country Team members competing at BC Championships

* Best-Ever Finish
** Matching Best Ever Finish

David Prissinotti
Senior Athletics Director