Star Wars Reads Day

Star Wars Reads Day
Grade 7s host Star Wars Reads Day in the Library. October 5, 2013.

The second annual Star Wars Reads Day was held on October 5, 2013. It’s a day-long celebration of literacy and all things Star Wars! The Grade 7s got into the spirit, hosting Star Wars themed activities (and treats!) in the library:

Star Wars Reads Day was a very successful event. The idea for the event came the DK website, publishers of Star Wars books. Parisa, Stephanie, and Rachel got together planned a party to celebrate! They created five stations: craft station, the Lego station, the reading station, the word search puzzle station, and the food station (Thanks Mrs. Tan for the Star Wars shaped cookies).

The craft station had the make your own paper light saber. It went extremely well and it was a lot more popular then we thought. The Lego station had a Star Wars plane that needed to be built. Four sharp Grade 7 girls completed the plane in one hour. Everyone loved the food station. There was Yoda Soda and Star Wars cookies which were both very popular. At the reading station girls curled in the new library furniture and read the Star Wars books.

Watch for more fun events at the library.

 Stephanie, Grade 7

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