Gr. 6 at Camp Summit

Grade 6 students Cathy and Arissa tell us about their trip to Camp Summit:

Gr. 6 at Camp Summit
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On September 23rd we left for the Grade 6 Outdoor Ed Camp; Camp Summit. We stayed there for three days and two nights.

During our stay at Camp Summit, we had some time for fun and also time for learning. Some of the activities that we participated in were mountain biking, high ropes, outdoor living skills, arts and crafts some archery and geocaching (a scavenger hunt).

Gr. 6 at Camp SummitThe staff at Camp Summit were so much fun and were very enthusiastic. They helped us in as many ways as possible, and they made sure we were having a blast. After dinner, we played multiple games of which all were very exciting and exhilarating – some were even a bit dangerous!

Overall, the girls of Grade 6 enjoyed Camp Summit a great deal, and this will be a memory we will all cherish forever.

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By: Cathy and Arissa

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