Gr. 2s Celebrate Diwali

Gr. 2s Celebrate Diwali
Gr. 2s Celebrate Diwali

On Monday, November 4th, the Grade 2 girls participated in a Diwali celebration here at York House. Thanks to our wonderful organizing parents – Jessie, Selena, Mina and Shikha – the girls were able to celebrate the festival of light together.

We all listened to stories of Diwali celebrations around the world, wore bindis on our foreheads and bangles on our wrists, ate gulab jamun and made rangoli patterns from coloured rice in the amphitheatre. It was a colourful way to come together to celebrate the strength of our ties to each other and to celebrate our classroom community.

The girls also recently had the chance to listen to Annie Barrows, author of the Annie and Bean series, speak at the Vancouver Writers’ Festival. After returning to the school, the girls had many questions they wished they could have asked Annie, so they decided to send her an email – and she responded! Read about that here.

Danielle Neer, Teacher

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