Gr. 2s are Mindful, Thoughtful, Wishful, Thankful & Funny

The Grade 2s have a special focus in their classrooms each day – Mindful Mondays, Thoughtful Tuesdays, Wishful Wednesdays, Thankful Thursdays and Funny Fridays.

Bianca wrote this in her Gratitude Journal when reflecting on how she would be mindful:

Bianca being "mindful"
Bianca being “mindful”

Saffy wished that “there would be no cancer in this world”.

Danielle wished that “there was no need for Canuck Place”.

Ella shared a funny joke on Friday: “Why did the scientist put a knocker on his door?” Because he wanted to win the No-bell Peace prize!”

Starting each day with a focus on what we are thankful for or with some humour really sets a positive tone for the day. Thank you Grade 2!

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