Lauren & Scarlet at Camp Summit

IMG_1584Two weeks ago, all of the Grade 6 students went to Camp Summit. The bus ride was a great start to the trip. We sang songs, chatted with our friends, and overall had a blast. When we finally got there after an hour bus ride, the staff/counsellors were there waiting for us. They were all so welcoming with big warm smiles on their faces.

After we met the staff, we loaded all our stuff into our cabins. We even had our own little “village” where the bathroom and all of our cabins were located. Even though we were only there for two nights, we had a lot of stuff. We probably would have been able to last for a week or two with all of the stuff we had!

IMG_0439We got to do the most fun activities at Camp Summit. Rock climbing, canoeing, hiking, Outdoor Living Skills, Archery, Mountain Biking, high ropes, low ropes and camp-wide games. We think archery, low ropes and the camp-wide games were some of the favourites, and Scarlet’s favourite was mountain biking. Most of these activities we had never really done before, so it was a bit of a challenge, but a really fun one! The only downside to some of these activities was the rain. Sometimes it was pouring, but we had to make the best of it. We all tried to have a very positive attitude.

The last day was definitely the hardest. Having to say goodbye to all the staff was sad. We said our goodbyes, hugs all around, and back to Vancouver we went. As much as we all missed Camp Summit, it was nice to be back home. We all hope to go back soon, and see the staff! It was a phenomenal experience, and this is definitely a camp we recommend for you!

Lauren and Scarlet
Grade 6

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