Leanne, Gr. 4, Competes in 27th Annual Snowball Classic

Check out Leanne, Gr. 4, and her twin brother Ronald, in this ballroom dancing video from the Vancouver Sun! The twins competed in the 27th annual SnowBall Classic.

Ballroom dancing: A passion for all ages
by Denise Ryan, Vancouver Sun, October 31, 2015

Leanne, Gr. 4, dances with her twin brother, Ronald.
Leanne, Gr. 4, dances with her twin brother, Ronald.

Leanne was just a toddler when she saw a television commercial for Vancouver’s annual SnowBall Classic and ran to her mother to announce she wanted to dance. With a partner. Just like the couples on TV.

Her mother, Stella Liang, dutifully enrolled Leanne in ballet and Chinese dance classes, but she was too young for ballroom. Besides, who could partner a two-year old?

But Leanne was persistent. When she was five, her mother relented, but there was one condition. She had to convince her fraternal twin, Ronald, to partner her.

“I didn’t want to,” Ronald says. Leanne convinced him, but after the third class he announced he wasn’t going back. He thought he danced like a robot, and besides, his friends were telling him dancing was for girls.

But Leanne wouldn’t give up, and Ronald relented.

The 10-year-olds, who will be competing in the 27th annual SnowBall Classic in Vancouver next weekend are now Canada’s champions in the juvenile division, and consistently rank in the top three in the U.S.

Read more and watch the video on vancouversun.com.

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