Debate Team Returns with Accolades from the UBC High School Tournament

On the weekend of November 14th, the debate team attended the annual UBC High School Tournament. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Rosa, Gr. 10, made the semi-finals and won the medal for 6th strongest speaker out of 179 students overall. Impressively, she competed in the Senior category, despite being in the Junior age bracket. She went up against debaters older and more experienced than herself, earning rave reviews and respect from the judges.
  • Saskia, Gr. 10, finished 12th in the Junior category, earning a medal for being one of the top 15 speakers out of 188 students competing. Alongside her recent public speaking accomplishments, Saskia is quickly becoming one of the school’s most eloquent representatives.
  • Rosy, Gr. 9 and Angela, Gr. 9, ranked 16th among 94 teams, showing huge growth since last year!

Every single girl on the debate team received glowing feedback from judges, many of whom would stop me after the rounds to tell me how well they performed and how York House should be proud!

If you see any of the following ladies in the hallways, give them some kudos for their commitment to the team: Gr. 9s Jessica, Catherine, Ariel and Pepi, and Taylor, Gr. 10.

Finally, a huge thanks to the indispensable Amy Higgins who has helped supervise and support the debate team through several tournaments this year and last!

Natalie Bosco
Debate Coach

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