Anjali Katta ’15 Speaks at Assembly

Tuesday, November 24th was an extra special day as Anjali Katta, Class of 2015, joined us in assembly to share her experience transitioning to Stanford this year and how YHS more than prepared her for university.

Anjali helped everyone better understand that it really is the skills of critical thinking, creativity, and communication that have helped her to be successful in her first year classes and in life. Anjali spoke about marks and how they really aren’t as important as deep learning and understanding in each class. Listen to her here.

Anjali was recently honoured with the Gibbard Award for Youth, an award that is presented annually by the Vancouver Chapter of the United Nations Association of Canada, to a honour a young person or a youth group who are working toward making positive change in our world. Anjali shared that it was during her time at YHS and working with women and children in India and here in Vancouver, that she really learned about herself and making positive change in the world. Helen, our Head Girl, thanked Anjali for “coming home”!

Read more about Anjali here.

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