Junior Tigers Update: September 15, 2022

After a one-day delay due to the poor air quality, the Cross Country Running team held their first practice on Wednesday. The energy from our 90 athletes and six coaches is amazing. Everyone is pumped up to show the spirit and have a great season. Our team is scheduled to compete in four races this Fall, with our first competition happening in less than two weeks. On Sunday, September 25, our Cross Country Running team will participate in the Vancouver Spirit Run at Jericho Beach. Following the Spirit Run, our team will turn around and race again in the WPGA Cross-Country Festival at Jericho Beach. The team is loaded with potential, and we are looking forward to a fantastic season.

Thank you to our coaches Kiera Pearkes, Erin Krahn, Sam Banfield, Alison Waterhouse, Jackie McCallister, and Madeleine Abbot for their time and energy. A big Thank You to Lela Ling, who is once again leading the charge as our Head Coach. 

Volleyball is off to a very fast start this year. Both our Grade 5 (31 students) team and our Grade 6 (24 students) team have their first games of the season next week. It is going to be so much fun. The Grade 7 teams are wrapping up their selection process, and both of those teams are also playing next week. Combined, these four teams have 84 students participating! Games and practices will continue until the end of October. Keep your eye on this space for results and updates.

These teams are well supported by some excellent coaches. Melissa Kanavos and Carly Trinder (Grade 5), Zuri Scrivens and Kate Anthony (Grade 6), Danika Murray and Sarah Szak (Grade 7B), and Monique Marcotte and Kerri Read (Grade 7A). In addition, we continue to be supported by the statement “Tradition Never Graduates” as each team is also guided and supported by some excellent Senior School student coaches. 


Senior Tigers Update: June 16, 2022


Grade 12 track & field star, Adria, is the BC gold medalist, Provincial Champion in the 400m hurdles. Adria set a PB (personal best) and a new YHS school record running 64.26. Adria had to miss the 100m hurdles due to a conflict with the graduation ceremony. She is an outstanding track & field athlete who missed out on the past two high school track seasons due to the cancellation of the 2020 and 2021 competitive school seasons. Despite that, Adria holds four YHS school track & field records. She will be running track at McGill next year!

On Friday, our Tigers Junior 4 X 100m Relay Team (Grade 9 students Sofia V., Liv, Kate, and Sophia B.) ran 50.96 to win the BC Championship gold medal!

Congratulations to the entire track & field team and to coaches Mr. Jacob Emerson, Ms. Olivia Uliana ’20, and Ms. Jaxon Slaney.

What a season!

Top 10 Finishes at the BCs include:

  • GOLD Adria 400m H
  • GOLD Junior 4X100m relay (Sofia V, Kate, Liv, Sophia B)
  • SILVER Sofia V.: Junior Triple Jump
  • 4th Sophia B.: Junior 100m
  • 6th Julia: Grade 8 200m hurdles
  • 8th Annabelle: Javelin
  • 9th Grade 8  4X100m relay 
  • 10th Liv: Junior 100m
  • 10th Liv: Junior 200m
  • 10th Maddie: Junior High Jump

Other great results and personal bests from Julia M., Julia L., Nicole, Niamh, Hannah, Isabelle, and Situ.


Thank you to all of our student-athletes who participated in extracurricular athletics this year as athletes, managers, officials, and student coaches. Without your effort, enthusiasm and commitment, we do not all get to enjoy these experiences. Athletics is never a perfect experience. Each season brings us highs and lows, wins and losses, successes and failures. It is easy to make excuses and blame others for failure. All of these experiences help us all grow and learn. Failure is inevitable and it is those people who keep trying who become successful.

Thank you to all the teachers and staff that support our program in so many ways whether they come out and cheer, help students who have missed class, drive our buses, and more.

Thank you to all our parents who support our students, cheer on our teams, share photos and often help our teams, our coaches and the Athletic Directors. Thank you!

Finally, a huge thank you to all our coaches who dedicate their time, their passion, and give their knowledge and experience to our student-athletes.

The 2021-22 Coaching staff includes both YHS and community coaches: Mr. Bester, Ms. Best, Ms. Angie Duncan, Mr. Jackson Liu, Mr. Carter Walls, Mr. Williams-Walshe, Ms. Atkinson, Mr. Matt Sarmento, Mr. John Smythe, Mr. Oliver Schofield, Ms. Kouzas, Ms. Christine Lee, Ms. Chang, Ms. Olivia Uliana ‘20, Ms. Rachel Cliff ‘06, Mr. Jacob Emerson, Mr. Kitengie, Ms. Brennan, Ms. Samantha Pyke, Ms. Erin Allan, Mr. Ben Dove, Ms. Jan Matthews, Mr. Lum, Mr. Bucifal, Ms. Gina O’Neil ‘15, Ms. Jaxon Slaney, Ms. Haley Shannon, Brianne Wager, Ms. Daisy Lin, Ms. Kat Ortega, Ms. Amel, Mr. Nathan Choi, and Mr. P.

And now, the 2021-22 Athletic Season is officially over!