Senior Tigers Update: October 6, 2022


  • Senior Volleyball Team defeated St. Pat’s and Crofton House in league play, but lost to Litte Flower Academy. Senior Volleyball remains ranked #2 in AA in BC.
  • Cross-Country star, Grade 8 Lily, won bronze at ISA Cross-Country Championships.
  • Varsity Field Hockey tied LFA 1-1 and has lost two very close games to Crofton House.
  • Senior Field Hockey defeated CHS 4-0 to open the season
  • Junior Volleyball participated at Douglas College Tournament and is currently 1-1 in league play.
  • Swim Team competed at a mini-meet hosted by St. George’s.
Senior Field Hockey defeated CHS 4-0 to open the season

The “Westerns” Come to York House
October 12-13-14-15
Games at YHS and LFA
Tournament Schedule

In 1972, the Western Canadian Independent Schools Volleyball Championships (WCISVC) was established by Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School in Okotoks, Alberta. STS Head of School, Sandy Heard, along with Spartan Coach Brad Kilb and other coaches like York House School’s own Jandi Johnstone (Jandi Fraser), had a vision for this event. The very first tournament was held in December 1972. In the early years, the tournament was always held either at STS, YHS or College Mathieu in Gravelbourg, Sask. In more recent years, the tournament has been on a rotation between ten, then eight teams who consistently participate. In 1977 the Spirit Award was introduced to reflect this focus on sportsmanship.

This tournament, known as the “Westerns”, brings together independent school teams from across the western provinces. The tournament ran every single year from 1972 until 2020 when a global pandemic led to the cancellation of the 2020 and 2021 tournaments. This year, 2022, marks the return of this long-standing tradition.

The WCISVC was developed to provide athletes with the opportunity to:

  • Play volleyball consistent with their level of development
  • Enjoy the competition while adhering to the rules of volleyball and the spirit of sportsmanship
  • Share a cultural exchange with volleyball players from the four western provinces
  • Develop the fellowship and friendship that evolve in a situation where athletes live together and share experiences outside of volleyball.

The WCISVC has impacted thousands of players over the past 50 years and those players look back fondly at these experiences. This year, more student-athletes get to create more memories and play volleyball at the “westerns” hosted by York House School in Vancouver, BC.

York House Tigers are the defending WCISVC Champions having won the Spartan Cup in October 2019. Those 2019 YHS Tigers also went on to win the 2019 AA Provincial Championships. Six players on that 2019 YHS Tigers Team went on to play post-secondary volleyball.

  • Natalie Davidson #13: U of Toronto
  • Chloe Ng #4: University of Minnesota
    and photos below (L-R):
  • Claire Stewart: Western Mustangs
  • Emily Tsiandoulas: Western Mustangs
  • Akash Grewal: UBC Thunderbirds
  • Sophie Fernback: Guelph Gryphons

Senior Tigers Update: September 15, 2022

As the school year begins, it feels like we are jumping on a moving treadmill because all things school start at full speed. Athletics is no different. Our Fall Athletics Season is a very busy one with the following sports and teams running in the Senior School:

  • Volleyball: Senior Team (Grade 10-12); Junior Team (Grade 9-10); and our Grade 8 Team
  • Field Hockey: Varsity Team (Grade 9-12); Senior Team (Grade 8-12) and very possibly a Junior Training Group (TBD)
  • Cross-Country Running Team (Grade 8-12)
  • Swim Team (Grade 8-12)

Why These Sports?
You may wonder why YHS offers these sports in the fall season. High school sport in BC is governed by BC School Sports (BCSS). BCSS sanctions various sports for high school competition and determines which sports take place in each of the three sports seasons during a school year (fall, winter, spring). YHS is simply not allowed to field certain competitive teams during the fall season of play. For example, we can not field a competitive basketball team (winter), nor a competitive ultimate team (spring) out of season.


Tigers Senior Volleyball Team starts the year ranked in the top three in BC for AA Volleyball. Official rankings come out later this week but my inside sources tell me that YHS starts the year ranked #2 in BC. The Tigers finished last season winning bronze medals at BCs with a young team. This season has the potential to be another very strong year for the Tigers. YHS Senior Volleyball’s past three seasons have ended finishing 2nd, 1st, and 3rd in BC.

This past weekend, the Tigers went undefeated at an icebreaker tournament in Delta. YHS hosts the 2022 Western Canadian Independent Schools Volleyball Championships (WCISVC) in October.

Sr. Volleyball (Photo by A. Yung)
Photo: A. Yung

Our Tigers Varsity Field Hockey Team is the defending AA Provincial Champions. However, YHS also graduated several star Grade 12s last season so this year’s team is young and will work hard to continue the tradition of competitive excellence in field hockey. 

Tigers Swim Team placed second at AA BC Championships last season and looks to again compete for a provincial title in November. Meanwhile, our Tigers Cross-Country Team hopes to compete hard at meets and qualify for the BC Championship meet in Victoria in November.

As the season begins, it is important that we all keep perspective and understand the big picture of competitive sport. YHS Athletics philosophy believes that competitive sport is a valuable experience that prepares our student-athletes for the world beyond high school. Competitive sport helps student-athletes learn about commitment, hard work, goal setting, and teamwork. It teaches us how to celebrate success and deal with failure and moments of frustration. All of these experiences, even the difficult ones, help student-athletes grow.

Below are a few reflections from an excellent resource that I would like to share as we prepare for the season. When you have questions, please reach out to ask [email protected] 

Team Sports … Can you handle it? (Taken from: Proactive Coaching: The Parents Role in Athletics – booklet & DVD)

It is only natural for each parent to watch a game focused on the best interests of their child. Coaches have to make decisions in the best interests of the entire team. In highly competitive situations, often a coach’s decision is not in the best interest of any one individual player on that team. This can lead to frustration and difficult situations. Can you handle it? Team sports are not for everyone.

Please read and consider the following scenarios.

For Parents…
If your child competes as a student-athlete, they will be faced with all of these scenarios:

  • They played well but the team lost
  • They played poorly and the team lost
  • They played well and the team won
  • They played poorly and the team won
  • They played sparingly and the team won
  • They played sparingly and the team lost
  • They will be disappointed in a coach’s decision about playing time or strategy.
  • At the more senior level in the highest competitive environment, they may not have played while the team won or lost.

Be prepared and decide now how you want your student-athlete to respond and deal with each situation.

Plan to model that exact behaviour. Think about the outcome we all want and what lessons your student-athlete can learn from each scenario. The response to these situations will contribute to the desired outcome. It never hurts to even talk about them ahead of time. Event + Response = Outcome.