Olivia’s French Play

Olivia, Gr. 5, wanted to teach her little brother French. She thought writing and performing a play would be the best way to start teaching him.

The story is about a polar bear named Monsieur Flocon de Neige (snowflake), a rabbit named Monsieur Topaze who is always sleepy, and a pig named Monsieur Banane (pig) who is always hungry. They want to go to school but since Monsieur Banane hasn’t eaten breakfast yet and is starving, they need to feed him first. So Monsieur Flocon de Neige runs to buy strawberries and a chocolate cake. Then they decide to go to school, but when they arrive there, the school is closed! They don’t know what to do… but as Monsieur Banane is still hungry, they decide to head to the next coffee shop and eat together.


Starring: Olivia as Monsieur Topaze, Katelyn as The Narrator, Kathryn as Monsieur Banane and Ella as Monsieur Flocon de Neige.

Provincial Bilingual Debate Tournament

Yorkies at the Bilingual Debate Tournament
Yorkies at the Bilingual Debate Tournament

Please congratulate our superb French debate team. This exceptional group of girls competed in the Provincial Bilingual Debate Tournament on Saturday, February 26 at Crofton House School.

Julie and Leila competed in the senior category while Shannon and Muhan competed in the junior category. Since Julie placed first in the individual category, she has qualified for the National Bilingual Debate in 2012. This achievement is particularly outstanding as she was competing against Francophone students!

Julie and Leila placed second in the senior team category. Leila, who is only in Grade 9, debated against Grade 11 and 12 students. Shannon and Muhan who were competing for the first time, placed 4th.