The Addison Games Sports Day

On Tuesday, June 20, Junior School held the “Addison Games Sports Day” in honour of Grade 6 Teacher, Christine Addison, who is retiring from York House this year.

At the start of the games, the girls recited the following “Athlete’s Creed”:

In the name of all competitors in the Addison Games, I promise that we will take part in these games with a smile on our face and a determination to have fun! Mrs. Addison always encourages us to try our best, cheer for each other, and respect the teachers who are running the stations.

Cheer for us in our red and black! Treat the other teams with respect. Know that our motto “Not for Ourselves Alone” holds true at Sports Day as well as at every YHS event. Help us to help each other, say thank you, and tug until we can tug no more at the tug-of-war.

One cheer for us!

Two cheers for the other teams!

Three cheers for Mrs. Addison!

The girls, dressed in Ms. Addison’s favourite colour, red (and her House colour), and rotated through the following games:

  • The Water Bottle Shuttle
  • Whitecaps Dribbling Challenge: Mrs. Addison’s favourite soccer team. She’s a season ticket holder.
  • Tug-o-War
  • Belly Ball Island Hopping: Island hopping travel is where you will find Mrs. Addison in the future!
  • Harry Potter Rides Again: Where each player rides a broom to where a lightning bolt is put on her forehead or hand. Mrs. Addison loves to read, and who doesn’t like Harry Potter?
  • Southampton Bean Bag Toss: Mrs. Addison is a supporter of the Southampton Saints Football Club.
  • The Tiger Goes to the Opera: Each player runs to a riser, puts on the Tigers uniform, grabs a sword, and sings in her best opera voice “Not For Ourselves Alone!” Mrs. Addison likes to go to the opera.
  • A Day at the Beach: Each member of the team must carry a bag full of beach wears to a chair and lay them out, after which the team will chant to the player.
  • Canucks Shoot to Score: Mrs. Addison’s favourite hockey team.
  • Scooter Sailing Regatta: Students “sailed” on scooter boards and tied some knots. Sailing is where you will find Mrs. Addison every summer.

A Great Day at the Shaughnessy Olympics

By Kathy Kealey, Assistant Head of School / Director of Junior School

HelenShaughnessySportsDay_15Jun2016-3389On June 15, 2016, in honour of Grade 1 Teacher Helen Shaughnessy, York House held the “Shaughnessy Olympics”. Even after 37 years of teaching at York House, Helen was adamant that she didn’t want to have a retirement party. If we did plan anything to mark the occasion, we knew that we had to have the students at the centre of the celebration.

HelenShaughnessySportsDay_15Jun2016-3406The “Shaughnessy Olympics” were born and a fun-filled day of activities ensued. Students enjoyed picnics on the field, fun activities and games, and an afternoon concert by children’s performer Will Stroet.

In her time at York House, Helen always taught Grade 1. She has always delighted in all things that 6-year-olds do and it is safe to say that nobody knows six-year-olds the way that she does. She once told me that the average person laughs 60-70 times per day but young children laugh 70-600 times a day. Now I know the reason why she loved to teach Grade 1!

Committed to our students and generous to her colleagues, Helen will be missed at York House. We thank her for her many contributions and hope that her next chapter will be filled with much fun and laughter!

Watch the video for Ms. Shaughnessy that the Junior School created with Mme Fukamati.