Junior School Sports Day: “Queen Bee Games”

On Wednesday, June 20th, the 2018 Sports Day brought soaring temperatures and oodles of energy to the YHS campus. This year’s edition, The Queen Bee Games, was yet again fun-filled and exciting. With each student being placed on a team, and each team participated in 10 different relay stations, it was a constant buzzing of yellow and black. The students ran, tugged, wheeled, dribbled, shot, zigged, zagged and laughed their way around the field, the gymnasium, and the playground. A big thank you to our Grade 7 students who did a magnificent job designing, organizing, and running each of the stations.

Of course, we must also thank our inspiration, Mrs. June Nolan – “The Queen Bee”. For years June has guided our students and girls. Her classroom has always been a hive of work, with each student constantly encouraged to “Bee… her… best!”. We wish Mrs. Nolan all the best in her retirement!

Brent Jackson
Junior School Athletics Coordinator