Congratulations Grade 7 Graduates!

Congratulations to our Grade 7 graduates. These girls were honoured in a ceremony on Thursday, June 21, followed by a dinner dance that same evening.

We are so impressed with the positive leadership these girls have shown in the Junior School this year. They have shown a strong commitment to playground pals and the service-learning program. Their energy, sense of fun and playful nature meant that the very young children in the YWCA daycare centres loved to have them come and play with them. They were also superstars in leading the younger students at Sports Day (The Queen Bee Games). Thank you, Grade 7s!

These incredible girls are now ready for the Senior School!

Looks like the Grade 7s are feeling nostalgic for Grade 1! Check out this impromptu rendition of the Gade 1 hit “York House Girl”.