YHS Talks

We held our second YHS Talks of the year on Friday, March 1. Five students spoke on topics important to them. Each spoke eloquently about her own experience or journey and the entire student body sat riveted by the sincerity and thoughtfulness of each individual’s story. Many of us laughed, cried, and then celebrated the incredible courage these young women showed to get on stage and share so much about themselves. Thank you to all of you; you are incredible role models in our community. There was a great deal to learn from each and every one of you!

Olivia, Grade 11 – The Art of Optimism

Cathy, Grade 11 – Losing A Loved One: Taking Care of Grief and Loss

Sydney, Grade 12 – Dealing with Stress and Anxiety in High School

Maddie, Grade 11 – Body Image & Disordered Eating

Chloe, Grade 11 – Lessons Learned as a Pilot

YHS Talks: Students Share Their Personal Stories

On Friday, November 30, in our first YHS Talks of the year, four students shared their personal stories. Amneet, Grade 11, shared the importance of being inclusive; Layla, in Grade 8, made all of us laugh with her stories of cats and culture living in Dubai; Fiona, Grade 12, informed our community on the differences between type 1 and type 2 diabetes; and Justine, Grade 11, told us to “Just do it!” when determining what path you want to follow in life. We are looking forward to the next YHS Talks on Friday, March 1.