Passion Panel: YHS Talks

The Blackwatch Blog recaps the YHS Talks held on November 24, 2017.

Speakers: Ysabella, Megan & Clara “Passions are one of the greatest things to have and should not be taken lightly” – Saskia, Class of 2018 After a successful first debut in February 2017, head girl, Saskia, alongside co-creator Leah, collaboratively organized York House’s second ‘YHS Talks’. This opportunity has allowed current Yorkies to share some […]

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YHS Talks

Two Grade 11 students, Leah and Saskia, did a fabulous job of organizing and facilitating YHS’ first ever YHS Talks! Five students shared how they have pursued their passions with our community. These students spoke about everything from starting her own magazine to using poetry as an outlet. Thank you Taylor, Clara, Talia, Erin, and Alex – you all spoke about finding joy and fulfillment by doing something you enjoy. Thank you for inspiring all of us to pursue what we are passionate about in life! And, thank you Leah and Saskia for celebrating some of the many amazing young women we have in our community. We are looking forward to many more YHS Talks in the future!