The Science of Ice Cream

The newly established Science Club kicked off the year by learning how to make ice cream.

To make the delicious vanilla, strawberry, and coffee flavoured ice creams, the girls used ice and salt to freeze their mixture of milk, cream, sugar, and flavouring. Because the salt lowers the freezing point of the ice, the ice then melts into water. In order to melt, the ice must take energy from it’s surroundings, so energy in the form of heat is transferred from the ice cream mixture into the ice, causing the ice cream mixture to freeze.

The girls enjoyed learning about the “science” of ice cream, which was equally as enjoyable as the taste of the delicious frozen treats.  The girls concluded the experiment by sampling the ice cream in cones, and the first meeting of Science Club was deemed a success. The next Science Club day will involve crystal making, and everyone is welcome to sign up!

Submitted by: Xi Lin, Gr. 12

The Science of Ice Cream
The Science of Ice Cream
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