It was the Cat’s Meow!

THE CAT’S MEOW! Recitations 2013

Sr. School Recitation Grand Finale Photos
Click for more photos from the Sr. School Recitation Grand Finale.

The annual school-wide recitation competition, “The Cat’s Meow“, wrapped up on February 6th in the Odette Tognetti Theatre. Sixteen girls in grades 8-12 progressed through class and grade rounds to make it to this final and all should be commended for their impressive presentations.

Click on the name for a video of their recitation:

In Grade 8: Shae W., Michelle N., and Isabelle C. In Grade 9: Colette R., Fraser J., and Sarah T. In Grade 10: Alannah S., Jaclyn L., and Marissa L. In Grade 11: Constance L., Shannon S., and Anna B. And in Grade 12: Myriam V., Amabel S., Eleni J., and Amy Z.

The night began with a hilarious opening by ‘Amy Poehler’ and ‘Tina Fey’ (otherwise known as Jasmyne K. and Constance L., our Public Speaking Heads and MCs for the evening). As we watched each recitation, it became very clear that this was one of the strongest finals to date! After much, much deliberation, the winners were chosen by four esteemed judges–YHS parents Agnes Finan, Gaby Eirew, Tamara Taggart, and local actor Patrick Sabongui. See the closing remarks here…and check out this mention on CTV News.

Congratulations to the following award winners (click on the name to view a video of their recitation!)

Junior Category:

1st Place
Fraser J., Grade 9

2nd Place
Colette R., Grade 9

3rd Place
Isabelle C., Grade 8

Senior Category:

1st Place
Constance L., Grade 11

2nd Place
Shannon S., Grade 11

3rd Place
Alannah S., Grade 10

People’s Choice Award – A Tie!
Constance L., Grade 11
Amabel S., Grade 12

Best Overall Recitation
Amabel S., Grade 12

Special thanks to all teachers, administration, judges, and students who helped to make this recitation tournament a great success! Extra special thanks to my wonderful PS Heads: Constance L. and Jasmyne K. for all their help and for being so fun to work with! And of course, congratulations to ALL YHS Tigers who took on the challenge of speaking in front of an audience! Amazing job everyone!

Tanya Boteju

We made the news!

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