Clubs Day

Clubs Day
Senior students signing up for clubs. Click for more photos.

Clubs Day is always busy at York House, and this Tuesday was no exception.

We had over 25 club booths in the foyer, from Social Enterprise Club to Ukulele and Guitar Club! Clubs Day is a day where the true diversity and colors of the students get to shine through, as most of the clubs are formed and organized by the students.

Signing up for the GSA
Signing up for the GSA

The girls get to wander through the booths and sign up for the clubs that pique their interests, and have discussions with the student leaders of the clubs. Its a great way for new and old students to reacquaint themselves with the opportunities presented to them, or maybe to try something new! It reminds us of the York House mission, not only academic excellence but pursuing your passions.

See photos from Club Day.

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