Junior Tigers Update: Term 3

With the conclusion of Term 3, another year of Junior School Athletics is the books. With Ultimate and Track & Field taking their turns, Term 3 was another fun-filled, action packed time for our little Tigers. We had just over 140 students participating in Term 3, and we must acknowledge our amazing coaching staff (names below). Without their commitment and energy, our Athletics Program would not exist. We are grateful and fortunate to have so many staff participate in our co-curricular athletic, and the least we can do give them a huge THANK YOU.

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While the sport of Ultimate continues to grow in communities across Canada, it has long been established at York House School. Each spring, the discs begin to fly across the field and many a student can hear the words “look out!” and “sorry!”. With the continued growth of this sport, more and more elementary schools are playing Ultimate, and this past May, Stratford Hall hosted the inaugural ISEA Ultimate Playday and Tournament. In fact, the ISEA has now organized league play to match the level of organization in other sports such as volleyball. Our coaches were thrilled with the effort and massive improvement our girls made.


Track & Field continues to be a vital building block for physical literacy, as it provides an avenue for our girls to build their running, jumping, and throwing skills. This year the team (90+) competed in four meets; VOC Elementary, Van City Elementary, ISEA Championships, and the BC Elementary. It was a successful season full of personal bests and a number of those came at the ISEA Championships, where our team finished 3rd in the girls category.

Congratulations to all of the girls who participated and brought their energy to York House Athletics. Thank you parents, for your ongoing support of your daughters and our programs! Go Tigers Go!

Brent Jackson
Junior School Athletics Coordinator

Grade 5-6 Ultimate: Liz Winston, Sarah Szak, and Aleesha Bird
Grade 7 Ultimate: Liz Winston, Sarah Szak, and Aleesha Bird
Track & Field: Megan Dalziel, Lela Ling, Melissa Kanavos, Danika Murray, Madeleine Abbott, Tracey McCloy, Jason Camp, Karen Webb, Sandra Arnold, Nicole Adams, Kim Ryerson, Angela Kingerlee, Kiera Pearkes, and Brent Jackson

Grade 5 Basketball: Melissa Kanavos, Olivier LeClair, and Aleesha Bird
Grade 6 Basketball: Jason Camp and Madeleine Abbott
Grade 7 Basketball: Brent Jackson and Alek Bester
Swimming: Carly Trinder (HC), Jen Sharpe, Vicky Rhodes, Cody Harvey, and Christine Lee ’15

Grade 5 Volleyball: Erin Reindl and Alexis Lum
Grade 6 Volleyball: Megan Dalziel
Grade 7B: Tara Avenia and Danika Murray
Grade 7A: Monique Marcotte and Michelle Russel ’09
Cross-Country Running: Lela Ling (HC), Madeleine Abbott, Kim Ryerson, Angela Kingerlee, Keira Pearkes, Danika Murray, Alison Waterhouse, Jennifer Sharpe, and Jason Camp

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Senior Tigers Update: Term 3

A huge thank you to Mr. Prissinotti for all of his work organizing our Athletics Program at YHS this year. Our teams were well prepared and our coaches were well supported! Athletic Heads, Meg and Kristen, organized a fabulous Athletics BBQ last week to celebrate our athletes, coaches, referees, timekeepers, and fans – thank you!


Our Senior Soccer Team placed 2nd in our LMISSGBA league and 3rd at AA Van-Rich Zones. The team just missed out on qualifying for the AA BC’s as the top two teams attended the BCs. Mr. Cropley, with help from Ms. Sjerven, has done a fabulous job of leading this team and the YHS soccer program for several years. Thank you, Mr. Cropley!

Our Junior Soccer Team are in a very challenging league and had a tough season, but played hard and had some competitive games. Mr. Lum, Mr. Peterson, and Ms. Wilson-Gay coached the girls. We are so proud of their efforts!


Our Senior Ultimate Team placed 9th at the BCs. A disappointing finish for a such a strong team but several key injuries slowed the team down. The Seniors were in the Spring Reign Tournament and placed 8th out of 48 teams in April. They travelled to Montreal for Nationals in May and placed 4th.

Our Junior A Team had a great finish placing 3rd at BCs. We had five Ultimate Frisbee teams this year at YHS and they all did well in their league games.


The 2016-17 athletics season ended with a successful weekend for YHS athletes at the Track & Field BCs. Our students had great results and many achieved personal bests! Congratulations to all the girls who competed: Grade 8s Sophie, Izzy, Claire, Sofia, Talia, Anne, and Tash; Annika, Gr. 9, Emily and Lauren, Gr. 10; Meg, Gr. 11, and Sophia, Gr. 12.

Highlights included four of our Grade 8s who competed in the Pentathlon (five events). Sophie won gold, Claire came 5th, Sofia was 7th, and Talia was 9th! Emily, Gr. 9, was 19th in 3000m, a personal best time by 19 seconds and Izzy, Gr. 8, came 6th in her 3000m with a 14 second personal best.

At the Zone Championship, YHS had 27 top 8 finishes and 14 of these students finished in the top 3. Congratulations to all of the students on the Senior Track Team and to the many girls who achieved their personal bests at this meet, as well as to the coaches, Brianne Wager, Jacob Emerson, Natalia Hawthorne, and Ms. Nagengast.

On Saturday, April 22, Sophie, Gr. 8, won silver medals in sprint hurdles, 800m and high jump at a South Fraser Meet. Congratulations, Sophie!


The YHS Badminton Team had a good season and placed 4th at ISAs and routinely beat Stratford Hall in their league games. New staff coaches Mme. LeMay and Ms. Kim did a great job organizing the girls.

Melinda, Gr. 12, is the only Yorkie who has joined the St. George’s Water Polo Team this year, and they placed third at Water Polo BC’s. We are proud of you, Melinda!

Thank you to all of our Spring Coaches and Teacher Sponsors!

  • Badminton: M. Kim, M. LeMay
  • Jr. Soccer: A. Lum, R. Peterson, C. Wilson-Gay
  • Sr. Soccer: C. Cropley, S. Sjerven
  • Sr. A Ultimate: Jon Hayduk-STG, O. Pitblado-STG, Sr. B: Nathan Moens, Helen
  • Thompson ’12
  • Jr. A: Michael Fung-STG, Monique Marcotte
  • Jr. B: Ryan Evin-STG, Christina Douglas ’12
  • Jr. C: Michael Yi-STG
  • Track & Field: K. Nagengast, B. Wager-CC, J. Emerson-CC, N. Hawthorn-CC

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