Lemonade Lagoon

From: Karen Webb, Grade 4 Teacher

Lemonade for SaleThe girls of 4Y ran a very successful Lemonade Booth at the Fall Market. Their sales were close to $900 – making approximately $575 for the school! The project began in mid-September, the result of our class read-aloud novel “The Lemonade War”.

The project was a great entrepreneurial experience. The girls had many planning sessions to come up with the name, products and pricing for the stand. Terms such as sales, marketing, expenses, profits, promotion, and goodwill became commonplace.

Lemonade Lagoon

On the actual Market day they worked to make the process of selling the lemonade as streamlined as possible, and put their math skills into practice making change. All in all it was a very successful day.

The girls themselves wrote some wonderful reflections about their experiences:

Saturday, October 23rd was the YHS Fall Market. 4Y had a lemonade stand called “Lemonade Lagoon.” I had one of the first shifts. When I arrived I immediately got to work. My mom and I started making the sugar free lemonade; it was a sticky job. At 10:00am I could feel that the market was starting to get crowded but I think the coffee stand was a bit more popular at that time. It was almost like a competition because my grandma was working there (she is an alumnae). At about 11:15am it started to get more and more busy. It was like a herd of thirsty elephants. People wanted lemonade, limonade and pink lemonade all in different sizes. My heart was pounding as hard as we bang the drums in music. We managed to get through that crowd and then it was silent. Forty-five minutes went by as fast as lightning and then my shift was over. My family each bought a glass of lemonade and I began to wander the market. At the end of the day we raised $575 at the Lemonade Lagoon. It was the most exciting lemonade stand ever!

By Lauren

Lemonade LagoonIt was a cold, misty day. The leaves were falling everywhere, but I did not care because it was the Fall Market and I was so excited for my lemonade shift. When we were on the way to the Fall Market I saw a huge line-up! I was worried I was going to be late for my shift! I was so scared because this was what I was most excited for. When I got to the lemonade stand I was in charge of putting lids on the cups and passing them to the customers. I was also going around saying “Lemonade for sale – come get your amazing lemonade at Lemonade Lagoon!” When I went back to the stand I saw Ella filling up a cup. It spilled all over her! Everyone started to laugh. For the rest of her shift she had sticky wet socks. I had a really great time at the lemonade stand and I want to do it again!

By Samantha H.

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