Vow of Silence

The junior school might be a little more quiet today. The Grade 7 and 6’s are participating in the Vow of Silence campaign.

They are joining thousands of people around the world who are standing up for children’s rights. By taking the Vow of Silence they are making a statement by saying nothing at all. By staying silent, they hope to raise awareness about children silenced by poverty, war and oppression.

Sometimes the quietest actions create the loudest response. In 1930, Gandhi led a peaceful 240-mile, 24-day trek through India in protest of British taxes, signaling the beginning of the end of British colonial rule. In 1969, John Lennon and Yoko Ono staged two “bed-ins” inside Amsterdam and Montreal hotel rooms to promote world peace, capturing the attention of media around the world.

The Vow of Silence campaign is meant to do just the same—attract as much attention as possible to raise awareness and create real social change. Each year, youth around the world pledge to stay silent for 24 hours to support children who are silenced by the denial of their basic rights.

Learn more at freethechildren.com.

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