At this morning’s assembly…

Head Girl Abby kicked off this morning’s senior school assembly with a fun reminder about traffic around the school – a poem praising the King Edward Ave lay-by (it’s the easiest way to drop-off/pick-up!). Listen to it here:

Traffic Reminder by Abby

The Sr. Swim Team was presented with their gold medals for winning the BC Provincial Championships – the highest honour in BC High School Athletics:

And the YHS Gay/Straight Alliance played a short video: a Q&A about the GSA:

The assembly concluded with another short video from “Monday Morning Live” (Student Executive) on proper uniform etiquette, featuring several male senior school teachers battling it out on “YHS’ Next Top Model.” The winner was Mr. Cropley, who demonstrated the proper way to wear the uniform: no scarves or ear muffs and the ideal kilt length. Now… how do we get a hold of that video?!

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