Anisha’s Hair-a-Thon

Anisha's "before" picture
Anisha's "before" picture

Anisha, Grade 7, raised over $10,000 for “Wigs for Kids” by cutting her hair.

Anisha’s involvement with the BC Children’s Hospital began years ago with York House. She participates every time the school raises funds for the hospital.

What inspired her was coming in second place for most funds raised in the junior school when she was in Gr. 4. But it really hit home when Anisha was invited to a birthday party. Guests were asked to bring donations to the BC Children’s Hospital in lieu of gifts. When Anisha arrived at the party, she saw that the birthday boy had shaved his head.

Anisha liked the idea of having a good reason to cut her long hair that she had been growing for five years. She found out that her 30 inches of hair could produce two wigs for kids with cancer, still leaving her with 10 inches of hair.

Last fall, her parents Chamkaur and Sandy gave her the encouragement to take the plunge. Anisha chose the goal herself – to raise $10,000.

Anisha met that goal (and then exceeded it!), on February 11, 2011.

Two weeks up to the “big cut”, she wore a new hair style every day, from three buns to a Lady Gaga look. It was her way of saying goodbye to her luxurious locks. Anisha now loves her new hair:

Anisha's new haircut
Anisha's new haircut

It was all for a great cause, and Anisha thanks her generous donors for their support!

Check out Anisha’s message and pledge page

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