International Development Week

International Development Week 2010/11
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On Thursday, February 10, the cafeteria served up beans & rice. No salad or sandwich bar and no beverages of any kind – aside from water. This is how the developing world lives.

York House’s Globe Leaders Group planned a week of activities for International Development Week (Feb 7-10), including workshops, trivia contests, displays and of course, the surprise lunch menu.

The Globe Leaders Group thought it would be important to show York House how lucky we are that we get to eat 3 full meals a day, with plenty of snacks in between, as well as diverse foods.

The average person in a developing country eats beans and rice every day. They are lucky if they get that kind of meal 3 times day; most of the time it’s only once. It gives some protein and other nutrients, and at the same time is very filling. For people who live for under $2 a day, it is the only thing they can afford.

Chef Cecil felt he just couldn’t serve plain ole’ beans and rice, so he took a little pity on the girls and added a bit of seasoning (cumin and cilantro mainly). The girls happily munched on their $2 entrée, giving it 2 thumbs up… but what if you had to eat this every day?

In the cafeteria, there were several displays on the developing world including South America, the Middle East and Haiti. Girls managing each booth answered questions from students and played music or a video.

During International Development Week, students can learn a little bit more about life in developing countries, and find out how they can be active global citizens.

For more information or to share an interesting idea or project, please contact Ms. Stanger.

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