Paper Cranes for Japan

6Y made 1000 paper cranes to bring good luck to the students in Osaka, Japan:

Dear students of Osaka,

Our class feels greatly for all the tragedies that are happening in Japan. We felt that we needed to help in any way we could, so we decided to fold a thousand paper cranes for your country.

We understand that the thousand cranes have great meaning to the Japanese culture. They bring hope, good luck, and will grant wishes, which is what you need right now.

All the cranes have been hand-folded with great care by our class of 22 students. We have worked hard for two whole days, but our work is nothing compared to what Japan is experiencing right now.

We are very thankful that these cranes have made it to you, by our kind teacher Ms. Brayley. We hope these cranes bring all the luck you need.

Best wishes,

Class 6Y
York House School, BC

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  1. Here is the response from the students in Osaka, Japan:

    Dear York House Grade 6 Students,

    Thank you so much for the thousand paper cranes you sent. Our students were so happy to receive them. Even though the disaster in Japan happened far from where we are located, the repercussions of it can be felt all over Japan.

    You are right about the crane being a symbol of hope and good luck. In Japanese, a crane is called “tsuru”, and one thousand cranes are called “senbazuru”. We have displayed these “senbazuru” in the entrance to our school, so that all who enter can see the kindness you have shown. They are situated right next to our relief donations corner.

    We have included a few pictures as thanks for all your hard work and effort. We really appreciate what you have done, and will never forget your kindness.

    Best wishes,

    Kids Space International School
    Osaka, Japan

    Osaka, Japan

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