Tigers Roar at Western Public Speaking Tournament!

On Saturday, April 30, York House sent eight exceptional public speakers to the Westerns Invitational Public Speaking Competition at West Point Grey Academy: Ariana, Hannah, Julie, Lancy, Kayla, Yasmin, Constance, and Jasmyne. Chaperone and Coach Ms. Boteju was incredibly proud of each and every one of the girls, as they spent over a month preparing for this tournament, which includes both public and private schools from BC.

For four girls–Lancy, Yasmin, Constance and Kayla–this was their first attempt at a public speaking competition, and their amazing attitudes and hard work were incredibly impressive.

Our YHS team had some great successes in the standings also: Julie placed 3rd in Persuasive Speaking and 2nd in Dramatic Interpretation, while Hannah placed 2nd in Interpretive Reading and 1st in After Dinner Speaking! Hannah also placed 5th overall in the senior category, and Julie placed 3rd overall.

In the junior category, Jasmyne did something Ms. Boteju has never seen in her time coaching public speaking at YHS: she came 1st place in each of her three events–Impromptu, Persuasive, and Interpretive Reading! This, remarkably, earned her a 2nd place finish overall, as another competitor’s scores edged her overall total by only 0.5 points!

All girls showed very well at this tournament, however, and their positivity, encouragement to each other, and senses of humour were very enjoyable to witness.

Tanya Boteju, Public Speaking Coach

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