Earth Week

The environment club at the junior school planned a whole week of activities (April 11-15) in honor of Earth Day (April 22 – Good Friday):

1.  Earth Week Daily Facts: each day that week, a member of the Enviro Club made a PA announcement with an Earth fact and a tip on environmentally friendly practices.

2.  Daily Challenge/Quiz: daily challenges was shared with the class on how to be more environmentally friendly. At the end of the week, there was a quiz for the class on whether or not they are “Earth Heroes”.

3.  Community Clean Up: each class went out for 20 – 30 minutes at some point during the week to pick up garbage.

Gr. 7's Clean Up for Earth Week
Gr. 7's Clean Up for Earth Week

4. Gr. 3 Swap: the girls were asked to bring no more than 5 items that they were prepared to swap. This was a permanent swap, and so they had to be careful when deciding what to bring. They swapped toys, games, books, CD’s etc.

The Gr. 11 Earth Science class also hosted an Earth Day fair during the junior school lunch on April 14. Read about it here.

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