Chess Tournament at St. George’s: Medal for YHS

Chess TournamentA team from YHS won a 3rd Place medal at St. George’s this weekend – a first in many years! We tied for third in the B division out of 15 teams.

We had a very young team and had great results! Something very exciting to look forward to in the future!

The team was made up of :

Alicia 1Y
Annika 3H
Maggie 3H
Pepi 4H
Ella 4Y
Pia 6H

This year, 14 schools participated. Here are the results (a perfect score is 20 points):

A Div.

1st : Lochiel (Surrey) 15.0 points
2nd : St. George’s A team 12.5 pts
3rd : Mulgrave A team 12.0 pts

B Div.

1st :  St. George’s B team 17.0 points
2nd : St George’s C team 13.5 pts
3rd : YHS team 13.0 pts
3rd : Mulgrave’s B team 13.0 pts

On a side note, YHS is, and has always been, the only-all girls team to ever participate in the tournament!

Christine Addison
Grade 6 Teacher

Janet England
SK Teacher

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