Japan – Canada Quilt Project

Gr. 4 - Pic 4Linda Ohama, award winning director & producer, and mom of Yorkie alum Caitlin Ohama-Darcus, like many, was deeply affected by the earthquake in Japan.

Many of the areas destroyed and damaged were not unlike the farming village she grew up in southern Alberta. She thought about the young people in Japan, and how we could help them know that there are other youth in part of the world that are thinking of them.

Working with her daughters, she started the Kids for Kids Quilt Project. The idea was to have children draw on cloth and embroider these drawings. “Cloth because it is more durable to travel. Embroidery because it makes the drawing colorful and more permanent. One does not need to know Japanese or English. They can share their feelings through their drawings”.

The project slowly grow, from one community to the next. There are schools from all across Canada that have joined in. Ms. Sobieski‘s Gr. 3 class and Ms. Webb‘s Gr. 4 class both participated, and were very excited to be part of this wonderful project.

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