Knapsacks for Youth

This past April [2011] the whole senior school within their homerooms came together to produce at least three knapsacks full of necessities and life-easing items to donate to at risk street youth.

I had the pleasure, with a lot of help from our wonderful students, to organize such an event. The school produced over 90 full backpacks to ease the hardships of many at risk and ill fortuned street youth. These young members of our society are often released from the shelters and care they come to rely on during the cold winter months, every March needing a helping hand as they make it through the warmer months of the year without the minimal care offered in the winter. Thus, it is imperative that those who can help do help these unfortunate youth.

Thanks to the wonderful idea and work of Cara Sinclair, York House has been able to offer help in the form of Knapsacks for the past 5 years. York House and I am very proud to make this a tradition every spring and for allowing ourselves to give to those most in need. Many students spend countless hours shopping for the items on the list provided by Cara and donate a great deal to these projects. What is more, students are willing give up their lunch hours to help pack and make sure every knapsack is up to snuff.

Our girls take passion in helping the community and this project allows them to help in stride. Our motto at the school ‘is not for ourselves alone’ and with the donations and help I received in making this event a success, our students truly follow this motto.

Chris Cropley
Community Service Teacher


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