YHS WOWs International Public Speakers at the IISPSC!

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As we wrapped up the IISPSC this weekend, there are many, many people to thank and congratulate! For now, however, we acknowledge our three competitors, Hannah C. and Julie W. in Grade 12, and Jasmyne K. in Grade 10.

Hannah and Julie both qualified for the Finals in After Dinner Speaking and Persuasive Speaking, respectively, and Jasmyne won the trophy of Top Speaker Under-16! York House’s stellar speaking team placed 7th overall, out of 48 schools–an excellent performance!

*UPDATE: See the video slideshow.

Here are the tournament results:

Top 3 – Event Rankings

Final Individual Rankings – Top 30

Major Prize Winners / World Qualifiers

The international tournament, headed up by Tanya Boteju, was an amazing undertaking. It couldn’t have happened without our volunteers, host families and judges. We think Sharon, one of our volunteer judges, says it best in this note to Ms. Boteju:

I’m one of the many people who volunteered to be a judge at the IISPSC 2011. I have no affiliation with York House School – I volunteered because I am a member of Toastmasters and a fellow member asked for volunteers. I’m just writing to let you know how impressed and engaged I’ve been by experiencing the contest, the students, and most of all the incredible community that came together to make this event possible.

Tuesday evening for the judges briefing was the first time I ever entered York House. I wish I had had the opportunity to do so while I was at school. Whenever I met other Toastmasters members in the hallways, we would stop and chat and the conversation would inevitably come around to how quietly envious we were of the girls – we wished we’d gone to schools like this one.

While the facilities and the various accoutrements in the classrooms were impressive, the contributions made by the girls, their families, and the school’s community were incredible. I loved the moments when I was able to see behind the veil that covered all the work people contributed to make this event possible. For me, one of those moments of clarity occurred when the mom at the refreshment table suggested that I must try the cheesecake because the Grade 9 student that made it had produced a professional-quality product (she was absolutely right). Another moment happened when the Yorkie alumnae moms I sat with at lunch spoke of the three students who were billeted with one mom and that one of their daughters had flown back from her university in Massachusetts to help with the contest. Still another occurred just witnessing the energy, excitement, and willingness make a contribution demonstrated by all the students who were helping with arrangements and acting as moderators, timers, and guides. I was fortified by all the tangible positive energy in the room(s).

I could go on and on about this, but I’m sure you know what I mean. My core message is this – Congratulations! I’m impressed that you presented an incredible event and introduced a remarkable community to many people who have not had the chance to experience it previously. I’m so energized by my experience, that although I don’t have children, I’ve already told two of my friends to consider York House for theirs.

I’m sure that organizing this event has been a long and arduous process for you – I can’t even imagine what it took to arrange the timetable for events, contestants, and assign appropriate judges. I wanted you to know that from an outsider’s perspective the IISPSC was a remarkable accomplishment – congratulations to you and to the many people who stepped up to help you make it possible.  

Thanks for the opportunity to participate.

All the best,

York House Welcomes the World!


*Note: Sincerest apologies to Cyprus on the misspelling of Cyprus! A result of habit–Cypress being one of our lovely mountains in the Vancouver area.

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