Gr. 7 Girls Start “Free the Children” Group

Gr 7 Girls Fill Up Boxes for 'Halloween for Hunger'
Gr. 7 girls fill Up boxes for 'Halloween for Hunger'

I’d like to recognize a group of Grade 7 girls (Jan, Isabelle and Emily) who after attending We Day, started their own Free The Children group!

They are organizing all the major events sponsored by FTC in the junior school. They participated in the “Halloween for Hunger” campaign, collecting cans instead of candy on Halloween. I took a picture of them with their filled up boxes!

Next up, they will be organizing the junior school’s participation in the “Vow of Silence” on November 30 which requires the girls to be silent (no speaking, texting…communicating with each other in any way!) for 24 hours. Youth around the world are asked to do this to show their support of children who are silenced by poverty, disease and exploitation.

Karen Webb
Gr. 7 Teacher

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