Day Out at UBC: Testing Technology & a Visit to the Michael Smith Labs

On February 7, 2012, York House School Grade 9 students were very fortunate to go to UBC to experience a day full of fun, while learning a countless number of amazing facts. On behalf of all the participants, I can say that this was an experience that none of us will forget.

While at UBC, we saw several new forms of 3-D TVs that allow people to see 3-D without wearing specialized glasses (hooray for those of us who already wear glasses!) We also got to see different types of robots, which are being programmed to help with many things, from improving people’s balance, to helping us with chores.

We also got to get a sneak peak of some amazing new technologies, still in the developmental stages. And we were able to try them out: ideas like an electronic pet which could potentially react to your feelings; amazing advancements with your phone acting differently when someone calls you – instead of it just buzzing, the phone might seem to “breath” or sit up. We also got to try out a new program that worked like a touch screen but would give you different textures that made you actually feel like you were, for example, changing the dials of a clock, or made you feel like you were touching something slippery in one section and then sticky just below in another section.

Then we spent the afternoon at the Michael Smith Labs where we got to extract DNA from our cheek cells, just by using saltwater and ethanol. It was really cool to be able to see our DNA, even though many of us were disgusted by having to swish with saltwater!

Our day at UBC was a fun and intellectual experience. The campus was beautiful and the stuff that these people were working on was really cool and amazing. The day at UBC provided us with inspiration and showed us the outcome of hard work and dedication. This trip is an experience that I would recommend to all students; it captures the interest of everyone! Even if you don’t particularly love Science, it is still an experience that is definitely worth checking out.

A Grade 9 Student

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