Tigers scratch out competition to win Lower Mainland AAA tourney

By Megan Stewart, Vancouver Courier

Process and outcome. One means preparation, the other means victory and both have so far meant success for the AAA York House Tigers.

Provincial AA champions last year, the Tigers pushed themselves this season to compete and win at the AAA level. Tiger’s head coach Winston Brown broke down the benefits of their day-to-day preparation.

“For the most part, our process goals are more important than our outcome goals. Usually if we achieve our process goals, then the outcomes take care of themselves,” he said.

“For an outcome goal, we’re looking at winning the Lower Mainland championship. That’s an outcome, whereas our process is committing to working out three days a week, committing to getting up 500 shots in a practice, committing to learning and knowing all of our plays, all of our sets. Those are the processes we go through in order to achieve whatever outcome we have.”

On Saturday the York House Tigers defeated North Vancouver’s Handsworth Royals 81-65 to with the Crehan Cup, the trophy handed out to the best senior girls AAA basketball team in the Lower Mainland.

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