Mirrorless Thursday

Mirrorless Thursdsay
Mirrorless Thursdsay

To mark International Women’s Day, Gr. 11 student Breanne B. decided to also make Thursday, March 8th “Mirrorless Thursdsay.” Her campaign involved covering every single washroom mirror in the senior school with paper. She did this to encourage students to “take a break from the mirror and be good to yourself and your body, regardless of appearance.”

Mirrorless Thursday on International Women's Day
Mirrorless Thursday on International Women's Day

Our junior school librarian Ms. Shepherd also had some great resources to share about media awareness, self-esteem and body image:


International Women’s Day:

Dove Self Esteem Resources:

About-Face: (see gallery of offenders and gallery of winners)

The 2012 Oscars and Bechdel Test for Women in Movies:

Greg’s Digital Retouching Portfolio:

Easy Picture Books:

I like myself by Karen Beaumont
Howard B. Wigglebottom listens to his heart by Howard Binkow
It’s ok to be different By Todd Parr
Swimmy By Leo Lionni
Not all princesses dress in pink By Jane Yolden
The paper bag princess By Robert Munsch
Girl, you’re amazing! By Virginia Kroll
Players in pigtails By Shana Corey
Ruby’s wish By Shirin Yim Bridges
Beautiful warrior : the legend of the nun’s kung fu By Emily Arnold McCully
Mary’s Penny By Tanya Landman
I know who I am By P.K. Hallinan


Stay true: short stories for strong girls compiled and edited by Marilyn Singer


Made you look : how advertising works and why you should know by by Shari Graydon
Me and my amazing body By Joan Sweeney
The care and keeping of you: the body book for girls By Valorie. Schaefer
What do I need? By Bobbie Kalman
In your face: the culture of beauty and you By Shari Graydon
Girls think of everything : stories of ingenious inventions by women By Catherine Thimmesh
Hero Girls By Annie Buckman
Girls who rocked the world: heroines from Sacagawea to Sheryl Swoopes By Amelie Welden
Canadian girls who rocked the world By Tanaya Llyod
Fearless girls, wise women, and beloved sisters : heroines in folktales from around the world By Kathleen Ragan
Not one damsel in distress : world folktales for strong girls collected and told by Jane Yolen
More spice than sugar : poems about feisty females compiled by Lillian Morrison

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