Watching Their Gardens Grow

Junior School students are exercising their green thumbs by participating in a planting project.

Classroom windowsills are adorned with special planters shipped in from Australia by facilities assistant Francis Junkeer. Francis’ brother-in-law has a company called GreenSmart Pots. These self-watering planters are a low maintenance way of growing your own organic produce and herbs.

The classes are planting different vegetables, such as tomatoes, red beans, onions and potatoes. The plants will eventually be moved outside, and once the veggies are ready to be harvested, the students might gather together to make a salad or give the veggies to the cafeteria so Cecil can whip up something delicious.

The girls have fun planting, and they learn all about soil, seeds and transplanting (and the science in-between!), while watching their vegetable gardens grow.

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