Nicole’s Spring Break at Rotary

Nicole at RLA South Camp
Nicole learned about Rotary and this opportunity at our Globe Fair held in February. For more information on Rotary and other internationally-minded organizations, please see Ms. Stanger.

During spring break this year, I attended a 4-day camp called RYLA, short for Rotary Youth Leadership Award. RYLA South is essentially a leadership training camp for people in Grades 10-12 year who have been sponsored by the Rotary Club.

The Rotary Club is an international organization dedicated to making the world a better place through community service. During these four days, I attended lectures, participated in several group activities to strengthen teamwork, and tried many new and exciting things.

This camp really expanded my horizons, as I got to learn a lot about leadership, and meet and bond with new people. I really felt like I could be myself in this safe environment, and try things that I would not have usually tried.

Thanks to this experience, I was able to learn about service opportunities such as the Interact Club and its annual service projects, and become further involved in the Rotary Club community.  I would definitely encourage students in Grades 9-11 this year to apply to attend RYLA next year as this experience was an amazing one for me.

Nicole W.

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