Grade 4 Earns Top Scores in Provincial Math Contest

Cathy C. - Gr. 4 Math Contest Winner
Cathy. Gr. 4, with her Byron-Germain math contest medal.

Our Grade 4 students recently participated in a Provincial Math Contest organized by Mathematica Centrum. Cathy C. got the top sore in Grade 4 in all of BC and the whole grade won the Provincial School Award!

Each year students in Grade 4 can choose to take part in the Byron-Germain contest. The contest is a test that covers “above grade” concepts, so the difficulty level is quite high.

Other grades can also participate in the following contests: the Thales (Grade 3), Fibonacci (Grade 5), Pythagoras (Grade 6), Euler (Grade 7), Lagrange (Grade 8), and Newton (Grade 9).

Congratulations to Cathy and the entire Grade 4 class!

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