Love & Basketball

Alisha, Gr. 12, in The Province’s “Head of the Class”, which features the top athletes in each sport:

Alisha, in The Province Blog

Alisha respected her parents’ wish that she not get a tattoo, yet they had to be impressed with the thought and the meaning their daughter put into the words and symbols that adorn a non-permanent, air-brushed version on her shoulder.

“It says ‘Love and Basketball’,” explains Alisha of her homage to older sisters Norma Jean and Lisa and the game she both loves and dominated as the most dynamic scoring guard in the B.C. girls Class of 2012. “The A’s and the O’s were all changed to hearts with basketballs in them, and the & sign is backwards, so it looks like a 3, for three sisters. So it’s love, basketball and family all incorporated. I want to get it (tattooed) one day.”

Yet while Alisha’s air-brushed message is already starting to fade away, memories of her play with the York House Tigers have a much greater permanence.

On a deep and talented team in which all roles were so unselfishly embraced, Alisha played hers to aggressive perfection, typifying her defensive mindset with pressure and steals, and on offence displaying more ways to score the basketball than any player in the province.


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