…and We’re Back!

A Great Message To Start the Year
A great first day, and a great message to start the year off right.

“There’s something just not right about a school without kids” said Ms. Ruddy and she welcomed back senior students at the first assembly of the school year. It’s only been two days and we’ve all gotten back in the swing of things – from assembly, fire drills, volleyball tryouts to Sports-a-Rama.

The first day is always exciting. Catching up with old friends (students and parents alike), and making new ones. Finding out who’s in your class and who isn’t (some sad faces), and what your new teachers are like.

Mr. Johnston left us with a great message at the end of assembly:
“Have a great year, try new things, and don’t be afraid to fail.”

Enjoy it while it lasts. We’ll be saying goodbye to another school year before you know it!

Check out the slideshow from the first day of school:

Back to School 2012 Slideshow
Click me for a slideshow of the first day of school.

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